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Soft launch day is here!

Posted by Michael on 7/2/2013 to Blather
Man, I can't believe it's here already. We're kind of slowly making the site public, so we can work the kinks out of the system before things get crazy. Still, it's a huge step. I really can't wait to see how people like the cards, the site and all that.
John Hayes Date 7/14/2013
Played last night, with an original game, a few expansions, and Crabs. By the end, we had separated out the Crabs black cards for "overwhelmingly superior quality"... it's not just the novelty of the new cards, it's the obvious effort that was put into making them as ludicrous as possible that we appreciated. Well done! :D - Johnny
kinsey ralston Date 1/26/2014
played last night with two other couples that love CAH and we found that we really enjoyed the crabs cards, usually a bit more than the CAH cards. my wife and i found it quite hilarious that someone payed attention the the "special" instructions to draw a dick on the receipt.... a masterpiece by the way, the extras in the package were also amusing, i will have to use the green army man next time i play kings cup, the tinsel was festive as hell and the sticker may have to be on one of our cars.... not to sure about a gummy fried egg, its a little worrisome, appreciated nonetheless, i will be sharing a link to the website with like minded friends and hopefully bring more business your way, and look forward to further expansions. regards.
sheila sampson Date 4/12/2014
I love cards against humanity don't get me wrong,but after mixing all my sets I try to get the crabs cards.I am really looking forward to set 3.Congrats on being on back order for the other 2 sets.Im glad people are getting the word out about these fantastic cards.Maybe you might think about making a holiday set.Not just Christmas but Easter, Halloween etc.Im sure your great minds could come up with some doosies.Well Im going to go for now.Anxiously awaiting the next set.Have a great day and thanks for all the twisted fun and laughing until we cant breath excitement. Sheila
Desiree Ball Date 5/16/2014
Just ordered all 3 sets!!! I can't wait :)
terry Date 11/25/2014
I've only played twice and both times were so fun I can't wait to play again. The more sets and the more people playing the better.
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