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Crabs Adjust Humidity - Vol. One
Crabs Adjust Humidity - Vol. One
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An unofficial, unauthorized expansion* to Cards Against Humanity™**.

Love Cards Against Humanity, but even with the official expansions find yourself playing the same cards over and over again? Enter Crabs Adjust Humidity, a crappy little third-party, unofficial, unauthorized expansion card set that blends seamlessly with the original game and adds 112 morally-questionable new cards to play.
  • Includes: 80 white cards, 32 black cards
  • Professionally printed on linen-finish, casino-quality cards.
  • 100% compatible with Cards Against Humanity™.
  • Contains no shellfish.
* Don't buy this if you don't have the original game: it's useless without it.
** Cards Against Humanity™ is a trademark of Cards Against Humanity LLC, and is completely unaffiliated with this site or its contents.
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Rating Great set
Loved the cards that came in.....been playing them for about a month now and integrate well into CAH set. Cant wait to try the other volumes.
Reviewed by:  from Middletown NY. - 4/9/2015
Rating above and beyond
great customer service. informed my friends to go straight to the website instead of things like amazon
Reviewed by:  from ohio, united states. - 4/8/2015
Rating WOOOOO! :{D
EVERYTHING about this company is great. The products are great quality and WAY MORE HILARIOUS than the original 'Cards Against Humanity'. The subjects on the cards are raunchier and more up to date with the current slang terms. (: I personally would choose to buy ALL of the 'Crabs Adjust Humidity' expansions over the 'Cards Against Humanity' expansions. Not only are their products GREAT, their customer appreciation is P-H-E-N-O-M-E-N-A-L. It's what every company should be like! When I got my package in the mail from them, it was delivered in a box with a HAND WRITTEN NOTE saying their thanks. Not only that, but candy, confetti, a sticker, and a little toy spider were included in the package too! :D I thought their attention to customer happiness was well thought out and followed through. They deserve your business. BUY THEIR PRODUCT. You won't ever regret it. (: <3
Reviewed by:  from Moscow. - 3/24/2015
Rating Awesome Expansion
Hilarious addition to Cards Against Humanity! Will definitely be buying the other Crabs before expanding with the Cards expansion packs!
Reviewed by:  from Tampa, FL. - 3/20/2015
Rating Inappropriately Hillarous!
If you thought Cards Against Humanity couldn't get any better, then you haven't played with Crabs Adjust Humidity, Vol One expansion pack! Think of the best answer possible from the base pack, then multiply it by ridiculous, gritty absurdity and you'll be rolling on shellfish laughing your butter off!! I had purchased this as a Valentines Day gift for my husband. Little did I know that we would be up all night begging for more Crabs!
Reviewed by:  from PA, USA. - 3/15/2015
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