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Crabs Adjust Humidity - Vol. Four
Crabs Adjust Humidity - Vol. Four
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Volume Four of the unofficial 3rd-party expansion* to the hit party game Cards Against Humanity™**.

"Who are you? Where am I?" – Ronald Reagan

Comedy isn't easy. In fact, studies*** have proven that it's the most difficult and challenging of all human endeavors. It takes experienced, trained professionals to produce the kind of high-potency, refined humor that generates sustained, clean-burning laughter without unpleasant side-effects.

The result of months of dedicated research and extensive animal testing, Crabs Adjust Humidity: Volume Four is comprised of 112 cards representing the very pinnacle of tasteless, juvenile humor.
  • Includes: 80 white cards, 32 black cards
  • Professionally printed on linen-finish, casino-quality cards.
  • 100% compatible with Cards Against Humanity™.
  • Probably gluten-free.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
* This is meant to be played with Cards Against Humanity™. So do that.
** Cards Against Humanity™ is a trademark of Cards Against Humanity LLC, and is completely unaffiliated with this site or its contents.
*** You know, studies.
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Rating A Thanksgiving story
Well, there we were at the beach on Thanksgiving eve. We couldn't wait to dig out our series 1-4 of Crabs Adjust Humidity. As a surprise, I had ordered volume 5! Much to my surprise, I had ordered 4 (I really did mean to order 5). So it's like 8:00 at night, I can the number and ACTUALLY GET A LIVE PERSON!! I was so shocked! Well, it turns out we were both drinking beer and (I apologize I don't remember his name -- too many beers) the guy on the other end of the line says "No worries, we'll get a volume 5 out to you right away" Now I am a Nordstrom junkie and used to work there in my untamed youth -- I just have to say that the people at this company are the most genuine, honest, fun, creative, friendly and accomodating I have ever met. THEY KNOW CUSTOMER SERVICE (and they know how to have FUN)!! I strongly urge you to purchase their products (they are hilarious!) and support their company (so they can drink more beer and take late night calls from goofy customers). HIGHLY recommended!
Reviewed by:  from Beautiful Pacific Northwest. - 12/4/2015
Rating Amazing game!
These people are awesome! They legitimately have put their sources together and have found and created a great game. I have all the expansions and they never cease to be creative and fun! All of my friends love these expansions!
Reviewed by:  from Minnesota. - 4/11/2015
Rating Yet another great expansion ser
This set did not have as many of the "trump cards" which are so hilarious they rarely lose. On the whole though, the average card was better than your average cards against humanity set. Very Hilarious and happy I picked this set up too.
Reviewed by:  from TN - USA. - 3/12/2015
Rating Wheeeeeee!
gleefully offending at the speed of giggles
Reviewed by:  from Texas. - 3/1/2015
Rating Congratulations!
This pack contained the first card (in any Cards Against Humanity or Crabs Adjust Humidity expansion) that actually made me blush. And I don't do that often. Kudos to you. Keep making more so that I can keep buying more. And thank you for always complying with my request to have a pony drawn on my shipping box.
Reviewed by:  from Layton, Utardia. - 2/27/2015
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