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Counterfeit Crabs

Like a lot of other companies, our decks have been copied by unscrupulous people around the world. The worst part for us is that the quality of the materials they use is generally terrible, and we don't want people thinking we sell cheap, poorly-made shit.

As of today (August 21st, 2015), we have identified two different generations of counterfeit product that various shitty people are selling on eBay, Amazon and many other web sites.

The first generation fakes have the following attributes:

  1. Available in volumes 1 - 4. Often sold as a 4-pack.
  2. The finger holes at the top of the back of the deck boxes are black or partially black, not white. (See images below)
  3. Decks are wrapped in shrink-wrap, not cellophane. (tight, not crinkly)
  4. The card quality is really terrible. Typos everywhere, and the paper is smooth (not linen-finish) and dull (not glossy).

Please note: We DID produce a small run of v1 at a US printer that had a black finger hole and was wrapped in shrink-wrap instead of cellophane, but those are all marked "Printed in USA" under the barcode, not "Printed in China", like the fakes. (We usually do print in China, but this was an exception.)


The second generation fakes have the following differences from the real thing:

  1. Available in volumes 1 - 5. Often sold as a 4-pack.
  2. On the bottom left of the front of the v1 deck box, the word "crappy" is misspelled "crapy". (Ironic, I know)
  3. On the cards themselves, the claw logo in the corner looks weirdly washed-out.
  4. The sample hands on the back on the boxes have a number of typos, and the spacing of the card images is different from the real thing.
  5. The Vampire Squid Cards copyright notice in the corner of the back of the boxes is a different typeface.
  6. Volume 5 is missing the hologram. v5 should ALWAYS have a serialized hologram on the side.