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Cards are at the printer

Posted by Michael on 3/28/2013 to Announcements
It's official, the cards are at the printer. Now begins the long wait until they arrive from China. I wish we had been able to find a printer in the US that could produce the gloss-coated linen finish we need, but apparently that was not to be. We're continuing to look for our next printing and for future items.

After all of the months of work writing, playtesting and revising our cards, we narrowed it down to a 108-card pack: 30 black cards, and 78 white cards. Why such an odd number? It's exactly twice the 54-card standard deck that printers like to work with, so it's easy for them to fit it into their workflow, and the box size already exists and everything. We're obviously trying to keep costs down and quality up, so anything we can do towards that end is really worthwhile.
RazrBlade Date 8/7/2015
Playing Crabs Adjust Humidity. Card came up that read "Wuv". I recognized it as a quote from the cult classic movie The Princess Bride. Others disagreed. Care to settle the debate?
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 Cards are at the printer